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Formal proposals

There are two kinds of formal proposals.

Proposals to amend the Code

Proposals to amend the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi and plants relating specifically to fungi are dealt with by the Fungal Nomenclature Session (FNS) of an International Mycological Congress. Such proposals are published in the journal IMAFungus.

Proposals to amend the Code to be considered at the 2018 San Juan IMC have been published, along with a Synopsis of the proposals:

There is a Guiding vote on the formal proposals prior to the FNS.

Proposals to conserve or reject names

Proposals to conserve, protect or reject names of fungi, along with requests for binding decisions (such as on the confusability of names) are dealt with by permanent nomenclature committees that report to the General Committee on Nomenclature. Proposals to conserve or reject names of fungi and requests for binding decisions are published in the journal Taxon, while proposals to protect or reject names of fungi (in lists) are published in the journal IMA Fungus. Proposals relating to fungi are considered by the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi. Reports of the NCF are published in Taxon and IMA Fungus, at least once a year. Reports of the General Committee are also published in Taxon. Decisions of the NCF and the General Committee are ultimately ratified by the Nomenclature Section of an International Botanical Congress. Names approved for conservation, protection or rejection are listed in Appendices to the Code.

Proposals on nomenclature published in Taxon and IMA Fungus are all open access.

Pdfs of proposals to conserve or reject names of fungi (complete from 2009) are stored here

Pdfs of requests for binding decisions, relating to names of fungi, are stored here.

Pdfs of lists of fungi submitted for protection or rejection, produced by working groups, are provided on the ICTF website.

The latest Reports of the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi are:

Reports of the Nomenclature Committee for Fungi (from 1988) are stored here.


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