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Member Mycological Organizations

Regional Member Mycological Organizations (Regional MMOs). Regional MMOs have important roles in the IMA, and hold additional meetings in the interim periods between International Mycological Congresses. Regional MMOs are appointed by the IMA Executive Committee as specified under para 5.1 of the IMA Statutes. Regional MMOs comprise a national representative for each country in the region; a Chairman and Secretary are to be elected by the national representatives from amongst their number. Procedures for the establishment and methods of operation of Regional Committees are subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.

Regional Member Mycological Organizations

African RMMO
Contact: Dr. Ahmed M. Abdel-Azeem
Botany and Microbiolgy Department
Faculty of Science
Suez Canal University
ahmed_abdelazeem [at]
Asian RMMO
Contact: Prof. Saisamorn Lumyong
Chiang Mai University
Chiang Mai
scboi009 [at]
Australasian RMMO
Contact: Dr Tracey Steinrucken
CSIRO Health and Biosecurity
Dutton Park QLD 4102
ausmycsoc.president [at]
European RMMO
Contact: Prof. David Minter
Egham, Surrey
United Kingdom
d.minter [at]
Latin American RMMO
Contact: Dr. Luis Mejia
Clayton Panama
LMejia [at]
North American
Contact: Dr. Mary Catherine Aime
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
Professor and Director of the Purdue Herbaria
Purdue University, Lilly Hall Room 1-335
West Lafayette, IN 47907
United States
maime [at]

A Member Mycological Organization (MMO) may become a Sustaining Member Mycological Organization (SMMO). The cost of a SMMO membership is 600 € per year at present and includes representation in the Executive Board and one vote. Thus, the SMMOs are not only an important part of our administration but help to maintain our interaction with all members world wide.

Sustaining Member Mycological Organizations

British Mycological Society
Prof. Dr. Paul Dyer
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom
Paul.Dyer [at]
German Society of Mycology
Contact: Prof. Dr. Claus Bässler
Goethe University Frankfurt
Department of Conservation, Biology, Biologicum
60438 Frankfurt
Baessler [at]
Korean Society of Mycology
Contact: Prof. Hyang Burm Lee PhD
Chonnam National University
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
South Korea
hblee [at]
The Mycological Society of America
Contact: Prof. Elizabeth Arnold
University of Arizona
Tuscon, AZ 85721
United States
barnoldaz [at]
The Mycological Society of Japan
Contact: Dr. Yuuri Hirooka
Hosei University
Institute of Integrated Science and Technology
Laboratory of Fungal Plant Disease Diagnosis
yuurihirooka [at]
Mycological Society of China
Contact: Lei Cai (Ph.D.)
State Key Laboratory of Mycology, Chinese Academy of Science
mrcailei [at]
Mycological Society of the Republic of China
Contact: Dr. Sung-Yuan Hsieh
Food Industry Research and Development Institute
sungyuan [at]

Our Member Mycological Organizations (MMO) are most important to communicate with our members and they support our work with 90€ per year. Each mycological society, association or organization having mycological interests may become a MMO after informal application and approvment by the Executive Board. 

Australasian Mycological Society
Danish Mycological Society
Finish Mycological Society
Indian Mycological Society
Dutch Mycological Society
Norwegian Mycological Society
Southern African Society for Plant Pathology
South Africa
Swedish Mycological Society
Indonesian Mycological Society
mikologiindonesia [at]

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