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For Mycological Diversity Description (MDD):

Instructions for the text and figures for this publication follow all the currently stablished guidelines. The body of the text of descriptions of new taxa will include: taxon name, authorities (up to five), etymology, MycoBank number(s) (, description, material examined (including holotype, culture ex-type, etc. deposited in reference herbarium and/or culture collections), notes, GenBank accession number(s) for DNA sequences, authors names (full name), e-mail addresses, affiliations, acknowledgements, references, and figure legend (mainly photo plates with macro- and/or microscopic characteristics and phylogeny. Other photos, such as of hosts, environments, etc., may be added upon pre-approval by the Editor). New records should follow the instructions for the description of new taxa, with the exception of the exclusion of an etymology and MycoBank number(s). For phylogenetic analyses, at least one region of the DNA should be used, but multilocus analyses are encouraged. Authors are requested to include, in the legend for the phylogeny, information about the analyses used to verify the phylogenetic relationships of the relevant taxon(a) and to use only black, regular or bold for the layout of the tree. For the caption for images with macro- and/or microscopic characteristics, it is requested the addition of a brief methodology, such as reagents, culture media, etc. Please consult the most recent issue of Acta Botanica Brasilica for layout and style and click here to find a model.

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