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Report on 1st International Congress of Biotechnology of Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms

In continuation of the scientific approach of University of Zanjan and Iranian Medicinal Plants Society on the special focus of applied research in the field of biotechnology of medicinal plants and mushrooms of  Iran and in the following from the First National Conference on Biotechnology of  Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of  Iran, relying on scientific and practical efforts of all the institutes of science and national organizations of the country and some of the famous countries in this field, the 1st International Congress and the 2nd National Conference on Biotechnology of Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms were embarked at the University of  Zanjan on August 27, 2018, with an opening ceremony followed by a series of lectures delivered by honorable guests and members of the keynote forum in all world. The highlights of the congress, were the Video Conference keynotes forum by Prof. Greg Seymour - ISMS President, Netherlands; Prof. Elzbieta Kuta, Dr. Aneta Słomka; Dr. Klaudia Sychta; Dr. Justyna Zabicka - Poland; and important attendance keynote lectures as Prof. Nazim Şekeroglu, Turkey; Prof. Gholamreza Moghimian, Italy; Dr. Mohammad Bagher Rezaei; Dr. Valiollah Mozaffarian; Dr. Jafar Mirfakhraii, Dr. Behzad Ghare Yazi, and Dr. Gholamhasan Kazemi, Iran.  More than 320 articles were received which of them 300 were accepted including 20 articles as Oral and 280 articles as Posters.

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