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IMC-1: 8–15 September 1971 – Exeter, Devon, U.K.

In the autumn of 1969 the Council of the British Mycological Society acted on its decision to hold a first international congress by appointing an Executive Committee. Officers of IMC-1 were to be President C. T. Ingold and Executive Vice-Presidents P. W. Brian, P. H. Gregory, and L. E. Hawker. These officers were to be members ex officio of the Executive Committee. (from Emory G. Simmons 2010 The International Mycological Association: its history in brief with summaries of its International Mycological Congresses and diverse international relationships. IMA FUNGUS 1:18-100)

T.K.W.Young, N.Dix, H.Fletcher
T.K.W.Young, N.Dix, H.Fletcher

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