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Young Mycologist Award

Awarded to an outstanding mycologist early in their career. The nominees will be evaluated primarily on the basis of quality, originality, and quantity of their published work.

In 2018 during IMC11 the following members were decorated with the Young Mycologist Award:

  • Irene Barnes - Ethel Mary Doidge Medal (Africa)
  • Yu Fukasawa - Keisuke Tubaki Medal (Asia)
  • Leopoldo Javier Iannone - Carlos Luis Spegazzini Medal (Latin America)
  • Lorenzo Lombard - Elias Magnus Fries Medal (Europe)
  • Kabir G. Peay - Arthur Henry Reginald Buller Medal (North America) 
  • John M. Plett - Daniel McAlpine Medal (Australasia) 

In 2014 during IMC10 the following members were decorated with the Young Mycologist Award:

  • Dr. Guanghua Huang - Keisuke Tubaki Medal
  • Alison Bennett - Elias Magnus Fries Medal
  • Dr. Olinto Liparini Pereira - Carlos Luis Spegazzini Medal
  • Dr. Peter G. Kennedy - Arthur Henry Reginald Buller Medal 
  • Nourou Soulemaine Yorou - Ethel Mary Doidge Medal
  • Dr Sandra Abell-Davis - Daniel McAlpine Medal 


In 2010/2011 the following members were decorated with the Young Mycologist Award:

  • Lei Cai - Keisuke Tubaki Medal
  • Cecile Gueidan - Elias Magnus Fries Medal
  • Luis Fernando Gusmao - Carlos Luis Spegazzini Medal
  • A. Elizabeth Arnold - Arthur Henry Reginald Buller Medal 
  • Marieka Gryzenhout - Ethel Mary Doidge Medal
  • Ceri Pearce - Daniel McAlpine Medal 


General and specific Requirements:

  • An individual may receive the same IMA Award only once.
  • Self nomination is not allowed.
  • Nominators must be members of the IMA.
  • Nominees who are not chosen for the prize, may be re-nominated for up to two additional terms (within the year limit linked to the specific award).
  • Nominees must have received their PhD within the 10* year period immediately preceding January 1st of the year in which the award is given.

* The present call for nominations is an exception due to the postponement of IMC12 to 2024. One candidate is selected from mycologists, conferred a degree from 2012 to 2021. A second candidate is selected from mycologists, conferred a degree from 2014 to 2023.

For each region (RMMO) a separate award is provided. Committees representing the various regions evaluate proposals from their members for the Young Mycologist Medal, and recommend a single candidate to the IMA.

  • Keisuke Tubaki Medal - Asian Mycological Association (Asia)
  • Elias Magnus Fries Medal - European Mycological Association (Europe)
  • Carlos Luis Spegazzini Medal - Latin American Mycological Association (Latin America)
  • Arthur Henry Reginald Buller Medal - North America (MSA & Canada)
  • Ethel Mary Doidge Medal - African Mycological Association (Africa)
  • Daniel McAlpine Medal - Australasian Mycological Association (Australasia)

Next application deadline:

RMMO IMA Young Mycologist Award committees announce award competitions to their members on November 15, 2023.  Nominations must reach the relevant RMMO IMA Young Mycologist Award committees by February 15, 2024. RMMO IMA Young Mycologist Award committees must submit their choice to the IMA by March 15, 2024. Recipients will be notified at that time to plan for attending IMC12.  For further download see the PDF at the bottom of "Awards page".

Documents required (nomination folder should contain):

  • A nominating letter, including a detailed evaluation of the nominee’s contributions to Mycology.
  • A current curriculum vitae.
  • Nomination form.

Notes: Awards consists of a certificate and free registration to the upcoming IMC. The Committee may choose to make no award in a given year, if it is appropriate. Presentation of the awards will take place at the awards ceremony at the IMC meeting.

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