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August 3rd, 2014 to August 8th, 2014
The largest fungal biology congress invites you! Check out recent information!
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Welcome to IMA International Mycological Association

Welcome to IMA
International Mycological Association

The International Mycological Association, founded in 1971, represents the interests of over 30,000 mycologists worldwide. It is a non profit making organization, the purpose of which is the encouragement of mycology in all its branches. This implies that the IMA should strive to promote mycology in its widest sense. For the four year term and until the IMC congress at Thailand in 2014, the Executive Committee and the Officers of the IMA will strive to:

  • Provide useful information and links on the website, to strengthen mycological integration and collaboration;
  • Promote open access of mycological journals and books, and support the flagship journals of our science to be more competitive with those of other sciences;
  • Establish online repositories under the auspices and management of the IMA, to which members can contribute and own;

Establish a promotional platform for all aspects of mycology in the IMA, which would enhance the visibility of our science.


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